Most Common Challenges Faced During Mobile App Development & How to Overcome Them

The mobile app is never a smooth task. It takes time and effort equally. As mobile is filling the gap between the virtual and real-world, start-ups have shifted towards mobile application. Many businesses invest a fair amount in developing an app and are entirely dependent on it.

Not just cost, but there are many challenges one has to face during mobile app development. From unique ideas to distinctive features and simplistic designs, you must be aware of the challenges of developing a mobile app.

Common Challenges Faced During Mobile App Development

Apart from lack of skills, affordability, engaging idea, and funding, businesses face some more challenges during mobile app development.

1. Cross-Platform App

Hiring different developers for Android and iOS is a challenging task and whether you need an application for both is a tough question to answer.

2. Device Compatibility

Which framework to execute, UI/UX designs, your app works flawlessly in multiple devices and different screen sizes. Device compatibility is a very crucial factor.

3. Great Architecture

Clean architecture is a must to improve your app’s performance. In case you do not build a decent architecture, it will be complicated to resolve glitches and bugs.

4. Mobile App Content Management

It takes a colossal bandwidth to update pictures, videos, audios, and other content on an application. Content Management strategies are what we miss in such a case.

5. App Visibility

It is a massive challenge for a mobile app developer to boost app visibility. You need more downloads, and where 4 million apps are already on the App store, it is not easy to make an engaging eye-catchy app.

6. Choosing Between Native, Web, and Hybrid App

It is not easy to choose which app suits your business. You need to have detailed research and analysis to conclude as each type has its pros and cons.

7. Integration Matters

Most developers face this integration challenge. Your app should integrate flawlessly with smooth sync with the back-end database.

These are some common challenges you might face during Mobile App Development. But as every question has an answer, every challenge comes with a solution you need to understand.

How to Overcome these Challenges

Every problem has a possible solution if you think with a clear head. While developing a mobile app, you face immense issues from funding to integration to device compatibility. But, the same issues have both modern and traditional solutions.

In modern solution, you can use mobile app development tools which need either less or no coding. These tools make mobile app development easy, cost-effective, and time-efficient. You can get the native app, hybrid app, or web app functioning flawlessly.

Whereas traditional solution stats:

● If fund issues, then you can go for crowdfunding on different platforms.

● If a cross-platform issue, you can use a technology like React, which allows the same code to execute on Android and iOS. It saves both time and effort.

● You can extend your vision for interactive apps, and instead of just hit and swipe, you can give different buttons and overlays to show extra info.

● To boost the app’s visibility, you need to use the right keywords, head-turning icon, and apt app name in Android, and in App Store, you can opt for a storage optimization strategy.

● Launching the new version is a smart move in mobile application content management.

● You can pick an excellent architecture for your mobile apps like MVVM or MVP to provide good performance.

● Simple apps are preferred over complex ones, so always try to be simple and easy to use.

As you can see, these are some key points you can keep in mind while developing a mobile app. You may not face many issues if you are already aware of the solutions you need.


Developing a mobile app without any issues is like a cakewalk, but it is not possible, right?

But you can avoid them if you already know about them. You will face many obstructions but always target to make a refined and useful app. Focus on clean architecture and a better interface to improve your app performance. Low storage, battery optimized apps are preferable, so do not miss the critical points while developing a mobile app.

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