With a constant lockdown all over the world, the sky looks bluer and water bodies cleaner. Global warming came to a halt, and families reunited because of the crisis. It is not always you get to see such impacts of a pandemic but where people discuss negative impacts, let us try to put light on the positive side of the COVID-19.

Like “every coin has two sides,” it is easy to fall for the negativity and overlook positivity. But today, we curate this blog to enlighten you of the positive impacts you people might have missed.

Affordable Digital Education

It is saddening that…

The mobile app is never a smooth task. It takes time and effort equally. As mobile is filling the gap between the virtual and real-world, start-ups have shifted towards mobile application. Many businesses invest a fair amount in developing an app and are entirely dependent on it.

Not just cost, but there are many challenges one has to face during mobile app development. From unique ideas to distinctive features and simplistic designs, you must be aware of the challenges of developing a mobile app.

Common Challenges Faced During Mobile App Development

Apart from lack of skills, affordability, engaging idea, and funding, businesses face some more challenges during…

“Virtual currencies, perhaps most notably Bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others, and confused the heck out of the rest of us.” — Thomas Carper, US-Senator

You may have heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, NEO, Litecoin etc but why are they created. They are Cryptocurrencies which are used to trade in the world market. They are generated by the Blockchain technology which keeps the trading transparent and apparently away from government taxation or rules and regulations. Their main motive is to eradicate fiat currency and make a single currency being used worldwide which apparently will bring…

INDIA; an independent country where we are free to live, express, share our thoughts and whatnot. This is the country where nature enhances its beauty, monuments speak their history, temples showcase their culture proudly, mountains give our thoughts wings and rivers connect us with our roots.

Today with all the proud, we are here celebrating our 74th INDEPENDENCE DAY in this pandemic thinking that we have all the freedom and we can do whatever we want to but are we really Independent? Do we have Freedom of Speech? Can our Hindu women walk freely? Are Hindus safe and free? Pakistan…

High Alert in the Silicon Valley of India. Violence broke out in the city at around 10 PM on Tuesday because of an inflammatory post made by P Naveen, a relative of Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy.

Neha Siddhwani

A social media trend observer whose passion lies in writing, blogging, fashion and art. Also, a self proclaimed chef.

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